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Pokemon Hariyama Counters, Move Sets & Guide

In case you are on a quest for knowing some of the best fighting type Pokémons, then you have reached the right place. Although Hariyama cannot surpass Machamp in attack stat or defense stat, it still is one of the best options when you do not have a Machamp. It has an overall rating of 3.5 and massive stamina that makes Hariyama a great catch.


An Overview of Hariyama

This Pokémon is not the king of the fighting type, but you will most certainly not find a bulkier one that can also deal a good amount of damage better than Hariyama. This Pokémon also has a very high stamina and is modeled after a Sumo Wrestler.


Strengths of Hariyama

  • When compared with Machamp (Fighting-type king), it usually lags ten to twenty seconds behind in winning raids. However, Hariyama also faints 1 to 2 times lesser in raids.
  • Hariyama is an awesome defender in the gyms. It has a great bulk which doubles up from being in the gym.
  • If you encounter any network error while in a raid, Hariyama knows the art of anchoring, that will enable you to rejoin the Raid.


Weaknesses of Hariyama

  • Hariyama is weak against fairy, flying and the psychic type Pokémons. Against their attacks, Hariyama‘s fighting type moves aren’t very effective.
  • If you want to win really quick, then Hariyama is certainly not the best option. It has a lower attack stat with a higher bulk, which takes more time for Hariyama to win battles.
  • While placing Hariyama in Gyms, one needs to be careful, because many of the common gym defenders are equipped with Psychic-type or fairy type moves.


Best Moves of Hariyama

  • One of the best movesets that Hariyama has is Counter and Dynamic Punch.
  • Close Combat is another superb move of Hariyama.


Best Counters for Hariyama


Mewtwo– It is the best Psychic type attacker in the game, Hariyama is a fighting type Pokémon, and is weak against psychic type moves. Mewtwo has an attack stat of 300 and can be superbly effective if placed against Hariyama.


Alakazam and Espeon– These Pokémons knows Futuresight, a move that Hariyama is weak against and can be superbly damaging for a Hariyama. The only difference is, Espeon has a little more bulk as compared to Alakazam, but the time to win is almost the same for both.


Rayquaza– Psychic-type attackers are certainly the best against the fighting type. However, among the non-psychic type Pokémons, Rayquaza (a flying type) is perhaps the best opponent for the fighting-type Hariyama.


Moltres – It is an electric type and a flying type at the same time. It can resist grass and fighting type moves by soaring high up into the air, and Hariyama does not form an exception to that.


Gardevoir– This Pokémon possesses both Psychic and Fairy-type moves. Hariyama‘s Steel-type moves can deal double effective damage to Gardevoir, but this Pokémon has double resistance against Hariyama‘s Fighting-Type moves.


A few other Pokémons that can be called good opponents of Hariyama are;

  1. Latios
  2. Dragonite
  3. Lugia
  4. Exeggutor
  5. Metagross
  6. Ho-Oh

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