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Pokemon Charizad Counters, Move Sets & Guide

If you are wondering which is the best non-legendary Water-type Pokémon, then the answer is Gyarados. It is more of an attacker than a defender. However, its defense stat is 197, which is pretty decent. It has above-average stamina and can safely be said to be the non-legendary Water-type king.

An Overview of Gyarados

Gyarados used to be the best water-type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. But with the introduction of the legendary Pokémon Kyogre, it lost that position. However, it is still the best in the non-legendary league. It is a versatile Pokémon with a diverse movepool. Gyarados takes double super effective damage from electric type moves. It is also weak against rock type moves.


Strengths of Gyarados

  • Magikarp candies are easier to obtain, by which you can evolve this Pokémon into a Gyarados (even though you would need a total of 400 candies to do that).
  • Gyarados has a double resistance to Mud-type moves and its neutral to the grass-type ones. Hence, it takes lesser damage as compared to several other Pokémons from Mud Shot/Earthquake and Mud Shot/Solar Beam.
  • Hydro Pump has a small move damage window, which makes pretty easy to deal damage.


Weaknesses of Gyarados

  • 400+ is the number of candies that you would need to evolve your Magikarp, which calls for a lot of hard work.
  • It is doubly weak against electric type moves. So, while defending a gym, it cannot withstand electric type moves for a long time, and it is for the same reason that Raikou is often used against it.
  • Owing to its very high max cp, the CP decay when placed in a gym is equally fast.
  • Gyarados took over a year to get the double water-type moveset, whereas Kyogre did the same within a month. No wonder Gyarados is one of the best Pokémons out there, but it is definitely not at par with Kyogre.


Best Movesets of Gyarados

  • Waterfall and Hydro Pump is the best moveset of Gyarados.
  • In Mewtwo raids, Gyarados can use its bite and crunch to resist Mewtwo’s focus blast.
  • Owing to their tight move damage window, Crunch and Hydro Pump are pretty hard to dodge.


Best Counters for Gyarados in Pokémon GO

Raikou and Zapdos– As Gyarados is doubly weak to electric type moves, Raikou being the best among the electric type Pokemons, forms the best counter for Gyarados, who is closely followed by Zapdos.

Jolteon– Though it is a non-legendary type, but can be pitted against Gyarados. Its Thunder Shock and Thunder Storm can deal effective damage against Gyarados.

Ampharos– This Pokémon has a higher bulk as compared to Jolteon, though not as high attack stat. It is not great from the DPS perspective, but it can stand longer against a Gyarados on the battlefield.

 Lanturn– If we look at the attack stat, Lanturn is not the best on this list. However, its stamina and bulk make up for its low attack stat.

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